Ollis & Oostermeijer

For more than 15 years, Bob Ollis and Anne-Marie Oostermeijer have specialised in quality Chinese antiquities from all dynasties and periods of Chinese history.

The two dynasties that mainly feature in our collection of Chinese antiquities are the Han dynasty (206BC - 220AD) and the Tang Dynasty (618 - 906AD) however, most periods are represented.

Every piece is researched so that our clients receive as much information as possible to accompany a purchase and, for the more expensive examples, a thermoluminescence test report from Oxford Authentication Ltd, the world leader in this process, is provided.

Collecting Chinese antiquities has risen in popularity over the last ten years however, sourcing quality pieces has become more difficult due to various market forces which has had an important impact.

We strive to maintain quality examples of horses and court ladies or “fat ladies” from the Tang Dynasty which is regarded as “ The golden Era” of Chinese history. These are very popular with collectors and come from a period of peace and stability. This dynasty produced some of the finest examples of art which reflected the daily life of people at the time.

We actively encourage visitors to our site to contact us for full details of any piece of interest and, although we do not have a gallery, we participate at various antique exhibitions in Europe.

Finally, on this page you can also view “Publications” which explains various aspects of Chinese antiquities including the thermoluminescence procedure.

Bob Ollis
Anne-Marie Oostermeijer