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Right now on our interview session we have Rafi Chowdhury. Rafi Chowdhury is a serial entrepreneur, digital advertising consultant, and blogger. He founded Chowdhury’s Chess, Chowdhury’s Digital, and co-founded myCampusHacks and has been featured on quite a few news outlets. Also, Rafi piece xmas stockings participated to our Search engine optimization Specialist Roundup and presented some terrific advice.

1. Rafi, do you thoughts telling the readers a tiny bit about you and what you do?

I am a digital promoting consultant at www.chowdhurysdigital.com and run an organic skincare product line at www.organicallureshop.com. I am also the co-founder of a ed tech startup named www.mycampushacks.com. In my cost-free garden flag set time, I blog at www.rafichowdhury.com.

2 When did you start off to optimize internet sites and what motivated you to do if additional for a living?

Suitable around piece xmas stockings the similar time that I launched my personal weblog. I realized that I was acquiring very good at driving traffic stockings impression decorative to my web page, so why not reach out to regional little firms and xmas stockings impression drive traffic to their web sites and get paid for stockings impression decorative it?

That’s essentially how I got started and just grew it from there. I continued carrying out it for Breeze Decor a loving for the reason that I swiftly realized that it was a field that was expanding and in the future, all enterprises will require to focus on Search engine marketing and social media in order to get their message across Breeze Decor to their customer in this digital age.

three What sources you made use of to discover Search engine marketing and what will you propose for any individual that desires to do Seo and Social Media Advertising and marketing ?

I generally garden flag set piece xmas stockings follow blogs such as www.quicksprout.com/university, www.backlinko.com, and www.moz.com. I highly suggest these three websites if you want to find out a lot more about on-line advertising.

Especially, Backlinko.com is an outstanding resource to find out Search engine marketing. Of course I also share some great content material on my own two blogs: rafichowdhury.com and chowdhurysdigital.com

four What Seo tools are you utilizing xmas stockings impression and will you suggest to us ?

I use Moz Open Website Explorer, SEM Rush, Google piece xmas stockings Keyword xmas stockings impression Planner and Webmaster Tools, Scope Chrome Extension for Amazon, Merchantwords, Spyfoo, BuzzSumo and so forth.

five How many hours do you xmas stockings impression operate everyday? What stockings impression decorative are day-to-day tasks for your organization?

13 hours. Managing and communicating with my virtual assistants, graphic designers, content writers, company partners, supplier, and just creating sure that all things are moving forward smoothly. A lot of my time is also spent troubleshooting anytime there is a important problem that is keeping us from moving forward with a project.

six. What guidance will you give to an individual that just want to commence stockings impression decorative an on the internet organization and function from household ?

Companion with someone rich and currently really profitable. Or try to work with somebody like that. It is by far the easiest way to prevent all the problems of xmas stockings impression carrying out it on your personal.

7. Can you inform us a lot more about your consulting business enterprise and why someone stockings impression decorative should really employ a development hacker stockings impression decorative ?

I fairly much support get eyeballs to issues on Breeze Decor the web. I can Breeze Decor assistance anybody figure out who their Breeze Decor audience is and how that audience can be reached in a way that makes it a win-win for both the audience and the organization.

You need to have to hire a growth hacker mainly because they are incredibly stockings impression decorative superior at having points accomplished promptly garden flag set and with minimal effort. It will save any Breeze Decor organization a lot of funds in the lengthy run and also support produce more revenue. Simple as that.

eight. What was your biggest mistake and what have you discovered from it?

Not partnering with an Breeze Decor individual really thriving earlier on in my career. What I learned from it is to start off early and begin by reaching out to the most thriving persons I know around me and attempt to xmas stockings impression operate with them.

9. Who xmas stockings impression have you looked to as inspiration all through your profession? Any books, blogs, motion pictures you advise?

Neil Patel, Catch piece xmas stockings Me If You Can, Elon Musk, How To Win Mates and Influence Men and women, Influence by Robert Cialdini, Malcom Gladwell, Cameron Johnson, Ashley Qualls, Jeet Banerjee, and a lot of extra.

10. What would you say you like most about living the Net way xmas stockings impression of life? What do you least like about it?

It is so flexible and you garden flag set can basically replicate yourself and outsource a significant portion of modest tasks to virtual assistants so that you can invest a lot a lot more of your time on the large tasks of increasing a business. I hate staring at a laptop screen for 13 hours a day…

11. What do you love to do in your cost-free time? What is your passion and how would you monetize it?

Basketball, Swing Dancing, Chess, Breeze Decor Nature, Anything with good friends and household, and assisting other people today.

12. Do you have any plans (private or business enterprise) that you can share with us?

To help other people, particularly those who have helped me. To leave the globe a improved spot than I identified it, but have a seriously good time though carrying piece xmas stockings out it.

You could study far more about Rafi Chowdhury and his entrepreneurial journey, but not xmas stockings impression only right here:

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