Featherste Pleated Velveteen Tufted Pouf Mercer41

All loved ones can now gather behind a lengthy console table that is not a decorative element you can move or modify, but an object integrated in the structure – the heart and soul of the pergola. You have to admit featherste pleated velveteen the way the architect solved the tufted pouf problem is impressive!  Structurally, we see a table produced from a metal skeleton sheathed by a tree and fixed at the basis to a pedestal which, in turn, is continuation of a concrete plate of the base.

The arbor, created by Kerimov + Prishin Architects, is a living space project meant to accommodate a family members of about 15 persons. tufted pouf The design’s floor program consists of a semantic differentiation on three zones which they conditionally named “kitchen-furnace”, “dining room-drawing room” and “terrace-scene”.

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