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Craig Tracy is dedicated to developing surreal moments in time. Without storage platform bed the use of Andover Mills digital manipulation or photographic tricks, he creates dazzling physique painting compositions that have elevated this distinct form of artistic expression into storage platform bed the realm of fine art. He lately opened a gallery in New Orleans: the 1st gallery in the planet devoted to fine art body painting images.

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Though he’s been an artist his whole life, it took Craig Tracy a quantity of years to really uncover his passion. His first skilled art job was airbrushing t-shirts in a purchasing mall. This encounter gave him the foundation that would later lead him Andover Mills to discover that he could – and must – paint on uncommon surfaces.

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Immediately after college, Tracy went on to come to be an illustrator. Like a lot of artists, he discovered the operate dreary and depressing. With no artistic freedom and no way to imbue the projects with his personal style, he felt storage platform bed trapped. Just after retiring from illustration and declaring his freedom from stuffy commercial work, he found that physique painting was the only variety of art that actually made sense for him. Beginning out painting faces, he progressed to painting bodies and sooner or later started showing and promoting prints storage platform bed of his body paintings in his personal gallery.

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Because then, Craig Tracy’s perform has developed into a complete-time passion. Andover Mills His body paintings show the strength and aching storage platform bed fragility of human bodies, juxtaposed perfectly with the fluidity and transience of the pigments in which they are covered. In some paintings, the model blends with the background, making a spectacular illusion. In other folks, the painted model is the focus of the piece.  The above piece (bottom ideal), named “Butterfly” as a reference to the subtle butterfly disguised as a nose, capabilities a woman as the leopard’s nose bridge. Her bottom forms the large cat’s leading lips. The artist took 24 hours to paint the model and backdrop, pausing only for a one-hour nap.

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In contrast to Emma Hack, an artist who makes use of body paint to melt models into the background of her paintings, Tracy seems to celebrate legrand storage platform the human form present in his work. Rather than hiding the model, he makes it possible for the curves and shadows of her physique to interact with the complete piece, adding a depth, texture and highly effective mystery to the paintings.

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In carrying out this, he travels to a rather artistically hazardous zone. Just how a lot need to the model’s type be allowed to influence the shape and direction of every piece? At what point does the body cross the line between canvas and topic? Every single of Tracy’s paintings appear to play with these limits, exploring the human form as each the concentrate of the painting and an incidental aspect of it. In between those two extremes are numerous shades of grey, every single of which is explored lovingly by the brush of the artist.

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(all images employed with permission of Craig Tracy)

The outcome of his playful and experimental strategy to art and his clear passion for what he does have produced Craig Tracy one particular of the most respected modern physique painting artists in the globe. If you’d like to see extra of the artist’s function, Craig Tracy Gallery can be identified in New Orleans. It’s the only gallery in the world committed to storage platform bed fine art images of body paintings, and it also options videos of the physique painting procedure for these interested in seeing the paintings unfold.

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