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Now I’m pleased to interview Marko Saric from Howtomakemyblog. Marko is recognized for teaching thousands how to build their weblog and run it successfully. Also identified for his Twitter Marketing book, Marko serves as a fantastic inspiration all through the blogging neighborhood.

HowToMakeMyBlog has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Yahoo!,Social Media Examiner and a number of other high-profile web-sites. Marko was also  featured on BBC Tv show Click, which you can see a clip from below:

Let’s start off the interview

1.  Hey Marko Saric. Can we get a small bio about what you do?

My name is Marko Saric and I blog at The blog began back in October 2008 and focuses on the blogging journey from installation of a blogging platform, customization of the design and style, on writing good content, developing a readership and earning an income. Generally all the things aspiring bloggers require to get on the appropriate track.

2. That’s great to hear man, appears to me your blog came a extended way considering that 2008. What inspired you to blogging?

Initially internet site I started was about my preferred music band back in 1998. This was a subject I loved, knew much about and had passion for. At university, I specialized in interactive and e-advertising, which turned me onto blogs. I transferred my music web site into a WordPress weblog in 2006 and that gave me insights into how blogs are run and that is how I got the idea to start off a “how to blog”  in late 2008.

three. Unlike your self, numerous bloggers tend to blog about subjects that they do not know anything about, thinking they will make a descent revenue. What tips do you have to bloggers that try and take this approach?

It could perform, you may well be able to fake it till you make it. But writing about 2-sided polyester subjects you know a lot about and are interested in will increase your possibilities of good results. It requires a lot of really hard function and time to get prosperous so writing about your passion will absolutely assistance you in the days when no one appears to be reading your weblog posts and when there is no revenue coming in. Your garden flag passion will motivate you and push you to continue at those times.

4. So do you feel it is crucial to have a positive “I can do it” mindset when blogging?

I feel you must think in what you are doing, if you do not think in your blogging project, it will be difficult to get an individual else to believe in it. So be confident, believe in your self and your understanding and go for it, start writing with a quite open-minded method. That way you can do anything.

five. You are the author of your Twitter promoting eBook , mind telling us about it?

I wrote a series of Twitter marketing and advertising articles, they got a lot of consideration and are to this day the most well known series of articles on my weblog. Then I was asked to create a Twitter advertising post for Leo Babauta’s WriteToDone blog. This resulted in a different prosperous write-up.

The demand didn’t stop even though. I nonetheless received lots of questions and comments. Persons wanted my opinion on Twitter topics. That is how I knew that this topic could be created into a more-detailed, premium product so that is what I did. E-book functions detailed information on how to produce a successful Twitter account 2-sided polyester and how to get prospects and website traffic from Twitter.

6. With more than 25,000 Twitter followers I can see why they came to you. With all the blogging platforms on the net, (Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace etc..) Why do you recommend making use of WordPress? is patriotic gathering the very best 2-sided polyester there is in my opinion. It is free, it is very customizable in terms of plugins and design templates, it is very Search engine optimisation friendly, and it has a massive neighborhood of fans and developers behind it which indicates that there will usually be improvements created to it.

7. Has there been anyone you modeled your self on, or looked to as inspiration in your profession? (You can name much more than one person)

I think it is extremely significant to read a lot. You get know-how, you get concepts, you get inspired from reading. So I am subscribed to tons of blogs but I wouldn’t say I modeled myself or my weblog soon after somebody else. It is vital to find your voice and to try and differentiate from the crowd. That offers the explanation to persons to subscribe to you, to stick to you and to listen to you.

eight. What would you say you like most about Briarwood Lane living the Internet way of life? What do you least like about it?

I do not seriously live garden flag the internet lifestyle that many experts are attempting to sell. You know the traveling around the planet, earning millions of dollars by automating every little thing and just sitting on a beach dream. My blog is a side organization for me with some excellent rewards. It is just a hobby and I 2-sided polyester do not think about it as my function.

9. What guidance would you offer you to bloggers deciding to get started their very first blog?

Do not strategy also significantly, do not concentrate on style and other particulars. Too quite a few men and women waste a lot of time planing the launch of the weblog even Briarwood Lane although they have no audience and so forth. Just get a domain name and get started writing the very best articles you can. Then go to StumbleUpon and Twitter and connect with people today who are interested in what you are writing about. Then create another article and go back and connect to even more individuals. Do it all more than once again, and once more, although also writing a guest post or two on larger blogs in your field.

ten. Great guidance man. To wrap up this Interview is there anything you would like to share with us? Business enterprise/private plans, future ambitions, trips, books etc..?

I strategy to continue writing the ideal possible posts I can and also try to connect to as lots of people today in my target audience as possible each on the net and offline. That sort of takes the most of my totally free time so at the moment I do not have any plans for any new premium items. All the things is totally free hehe

11. Well I want to thank you for taking the time and sharing your expertise with us. Absolutely had a terrific time chatting with you. Is there anything you would like to add just before we finish off this interview?

Thank you! You have a wonderful method for interviewing individuals, keep up the 2-sided polyester very good perform.

Marko Saric is an inspirational blogger to us all. Be positive to hold in touch with Marko on his web-site @ Howtomakemyblog and on Twitter @Howtomakemyblog

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