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st petersburg roof jump

A new video and set of photographs is circulating from St. Petersburg, Russia, exactly where the Parkour movement is gaining a robust foothold amongst the city’s youth. The video shows a young man jumping from one rooftop to yet another, with 35 feet of height distinction and about 20 feet of space involving the buildings.

It’s inspiring mixed feelings from the public and from Parkour enthusiasts. Though the Brayden Studio stunt was impressive and the stuntman seemed to know what  he was carrying out, it was extremely risky. But the group featured in the video say that they have been attempting to raise awareness of the sport and point out the challenge of a lack of protected, sanctioned locations to practice it.

This Russian news story shows one more side of the stunt. The man doing the first jump pulled it off completely without any problems, but when a friend attempted the very same jump he injured his leg. We don’t speak Russian so we’re not positive what the newscaster is saying, but judging from his tone it’s not totally good.

Parkour is normally seen as a physically difficult sport that’s somewhat dangerous, but not overly so. This video of Austrian traceur Sacha Hauser shows that Parkour isn’t just about taking the most significant dangers and evoking the greatest reactions – it’s also a beautiful, artistic use of the human body’s strength.

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