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Birds, bananas, coffee cups, music Darby Home Co icons and fairly pets…what do they have in prevalent? Usually, nothing at all. But footwear designer Kobi Levi doesn’t feel the very same. Most of the issues that upholstered storage platform surround us may possibly be incredibly transformed in special footwear by him. His footwear speak for himself, but we wanted to find a thing far more about the ingenious Darby Home Co brain behind. realized an exclusive interview with Kobi Levi. Have a look under!

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DesignRulz: How do you define creativity?

Kobi Levi: For me creativity is expressing your tips, your point of view in an interesting form, and not only explaining it…

Designrulz: How did you come to this philosophy … that a shoe should be an artistic ‘sculpture’?

Kobi Levi: This is upholstered storage platform the way I was searching at footwear myself, and my design and style method is displaying it. I let the inspiration turn into the shoe, and not merely decorate a frequent shoe silhouette.

Designrulz: Which is the most intriguing storage platform bed story behind a shoe realization?

Darby Home Co dir=”LTR”>Kobi Levi: Every style has its stories about the creation procedure, upholstered storage platform as they are all so weird, all the method is unusual. Supplies are not the common/standard in some instances, like in the Madonna shoe. I assume I mentioned it in my TEDx speak, I “became a mini hairdresser” for creating this pair, and went to get blond hair extensions for it. When I asked the sales girl for it she mentioned: “Don’t you believe you storage platform bed are extra a brunette storage platform bed sort?!…” So what was I supposed to upholstered storage platform say, these are for a shoe?! It is worse than the “classic” excuse/phrase: “it is for my friend…”. So I just stated: “I’ve always wanted to be blond” 🙂 This also fits the design title “Blond Ambition” immediately after bentonville upholstered storage Madonna’s tour with this appear of her.

Designrulz: Is there a limit to your fantasy? Have you ever upholstered storage platform felt that an notion was as well extreme to grow to be achievable?

Kobi Levi: I hope not… 🙂 fantasy is not supposed to have limits. When I have an notion I can’t wait to make it actual, so I perform until it is “born”. The method is quite difficult and demanding, but I try to see is as Darby Home Co a challenge! The result is worth the work just about every time.

Designrulz: What should really a client know about your footwear ahead of shopping for them?

Kobi Levi: They are actual and wearable, technically constructed like any other shoe. If someone finds high heels difficult, then the identical case applies here but not extra.

Designrulz: Are your footwear a manifest against “common places”? Do you believe we should really dare much more in our lives?

Kobi Levi: I feel we really should delight in each aspect of our life, and make it intriguing. Typical is not a poor point when you like it, the most natural issue generally tends to make sense, and it can be extreme or not.

Designrulz: What Darby Home Co footwear would Kobi Levi wear from his collection?

Kobi Levi: I’m functioning on guys shoe styles these days. Finally I’ll put on some of my “shoe creatures”

Designrulz: You graduated Bezalel Academy of Art &amp Design from Jerusalem in 2001. What did you borrow from your culture in bentonville upholstered storage your artistic projects?

Kobi Levi: I obtain it tricky to say what precisely influenced me… I guess each and every particular person is influenced by his/hers culture as nicely as his/hers reaction to it. I enjoyed my research, specially when as students we were encouraged to location creativity initial in every single project. I continue with this approach in my artistic shoe styles in parallel to my industrial work.

Designrulz: What can you inform us about your future exhibitions?

Kobi Levi: There are several requests for exhibitions for 2012. We cannot fulfill all of them. In April I’m scheduled to hold an exhibition in Lyon, France. Updates will adhere to on Facebook and my upcoming website. storage platform bed I would love to pay a visit to Romania once more and display the styles.

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