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Naturally, these who have the most to say about design are designers themselves. They sleep, consume and breathe design day soon after day, wrapped up in its principles and building their own powerful opinions about what’s efficient and what is not. So it’s no surprise that they would express their thoughts about design via style itself. This collection of posters about style – created for a “What Is Design and style” contest – is a enjoyable, humorous and insightful appear into the minds of artists.

And You Can Take That to the Bank – Juanma Teixido


(image through: juanmateixido)

“Design is to make a synthesis of requires + information and facts + colors in order to generate a thing higher than the sum of its parts (and you can take that to the bank).” This poster, which won initial prize, succinctly sums up what quite a few of the other contest entrants were attempting to say – and looks fantastic, too.

Considering Made Visual – ck/ck


(image through: ckck)

“Design is considering made visual.” This quote by graphic designer Saul Bass, who designed a number of the most recognizable logos in the globe, is illustrated here in a easy but productive composition.

So Basic and So Complicated – Horacio Lorente


(image via: rockstudios)

A different quote by an iconic artist, Paul Rand, is brought to life through the energy piece bedroom set of graphic design and style. “Design piece bedroom set Ebern Designs is the process of putting type and content material together… just as art, has multiple definitions… there is no single definition. Can be art. Can be aesthetics. Is so basic, that’s why it’s so complicated.”

Capturing piece bedroom set the Elusive – Tony Cost


(image through: tonyxprice)

“Design is capturing what is most elusive.” So writes designer Tony Price – and what, exactly, is that elusive element? Ebern Designs It could be stated that it’s that ‘J’ne sais quoi’, that specific undefinable excellent that gives design power. It’s a thing that some artists have, and some do not.

Enormous Watercolor Numbers on a Poster – Drew Kora


(image through: gravitymachine)

“Graphic design and style is huge water-colour numbers on a poster. It is? Yes, it is. How so? Due to the fact I just ‘designed’ it.” Just as fine art can be anything you want it to be, graphic design and style is design and style purely mainly because a person said so.

De-sign – Juanma Teixido

juanma-teixido-2piece bedroom set src=”” width=”468″ height=”624″ />

(image through: juanmateixido)

“What is graphic style? To remove a sign from its original place and then blame it on the client.” Designer Juanma Teixido requires the word “design” and deconstructs it to a literal meaning, obtaining a way to connect it back to the original topic.

Creativity, Skills &amp Awesomeness – Ancient Wisdom Productions


(image by way of: ancientwisdom)

Creativity and expertise are undeniable elements of very good graphic design and style, but they’re not all the things. To generate definitely standout style, you clearly require an equal quantity of ‘awesomeness’ as well.

Far more Than a Sassy Typeface – Trev Stair


(image via: trigger25)

“Graphic design is more than a sassy typeface”. It may seem apparent, but some budding designers do not look to be conscious of this fact.

Tends to make Facts Significantly less Boring – Marcus Olovsson


(image via: marcusolovsson)

“Graphic style makes details much less boring.” Any individual who has ever attempted to decipher data with no the enable of charts and graphics can attest to that.

Visual Balancing Act – Ben Cardy


(image by way of: benbacardi)

When combining color, typography, lines, shapes and other elements of style, acquiring them to come with each other effectively is a visual balancing act. One particular tiny thing out of location, and the overall style doesn’t function.

Visual Discipline – Timoni Grone


(image through: timoni)

Some men and women say that fine art is emotional, while design is informational. This poster by Timoni Grone illustrates the difference.

Order Out of Chaos – Janne Remes


(image via: vatoslocosjkl)

Like the prior poster, this easy and clean concept emphasizes the capacity of design to provide clarity.

Here Prior to Pixels – Alejo


(image by means of: ale_dg)

A lot of people today strongly associate graphic style with computers – but the truth is, it has been about a lot longer. This poster – “Graphic design was here before pixels” – does not specifically answer the query “What is graphic design and style?” but it does make an crucial observation.

Obtaining the Mix Proper – Elizabeth Mitchell

(image by way of: pintovsky)

Visual communications and music have much more in popular than you may think – issues like composition, rhythm and flow. When style works, it is like a symphony – just as pleasing to the eye as nicely-crafted music is to the ear.

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