20″ Polyester Wreath Charlton Home

Controversial Graffiti Report Card

The subject of graffiti often brings out strongly polarized reactions from urban dwellers, who either support it as art or criticize it as vandalism. Brandon Baunach of DesignCrack has developed a project based on an thought of Drew Heffron that has amazingly drawn each fire and criticism from each sides: Graffiti Report Card stickers for rating urban street graffiti.
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Table Vase Diamond Star Glass

Small German Pip Hotel

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Think your final apartment or hotel room was small? Think it or not, there are a lot of contenders for the dubious title of smallest hotel on the planet. Some claim this world record by number of rooms, others by size and all are swift to defend their position. Nonetheless, you can judge for oneself soon after taking a appear at this remarkable collection of the tiniest hotels from around the globe!

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